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To view these films, you must have Fighter Ace installed.  Even if you don't play Fighter Ace, you may want to install it to view these films and pick up some tactics.  It is a free download and you can view the fights from inside or outside any of the planes at any angle.  CLICK HERE for a list of replay commands you can use when viewing the films.


57s Vs Machines

  57s Vs Machines  2 Megs - Arcade

Planes:  Yak 9, LA 7,  FW190,  Me109

Maneuvers:  Haven't had time to analyze these yet.


57s Vs Machines

  VMF_Nasty Vs Brer Rabbit  222k - Arcade

Planes:  p51 vs Spit14

Maneuvers:  Nasty shows great energy management, patience and how you should extend in the P51D. Brer_Rabbit show very good tactics in not climbing with Nasty as he extends. Note where Brer flies underneath from behind and Nasty loses sight.  This is OK in arcade where you can keep track from an outside view but don't rely on it in realistic sims. This is a very good duel one worth watching.


57s vs Machines

  57s Vs Hired_Guns  4 Megs - Arcade

Planes:  Yak 9/ LA 5 / LA 7 vs. Spit14 / Hurc IIC / Spit 9

Maneuvers:  Haven't had time to analyze these yet.  Some of the fights are in several films (IE 3-1, 3-2) since I had to stop filming when I switched planes.


P51 Spit loop test

  P51, Spitfire Loop Test  124 Kb - Realistic

Planes:  P51D vs. Spit14

Maneuvers:  Imok and I take turns trying to follow each other through loops.  This film shows how much better the P51 is in loops.  It regains all it's speed in the bottom part of the loop and the three flap settings let you turn better at the top of the loop.  


Imok V Hedgehop P51 - Spit

  Imok_WTE vs HedgeHop  113 Kb - Semi Realistic

Planes:  P51 vs. Spit14

Maneuvers:  Lots of loops.   This fight really shows off the looping superiority of the p51.  Check out the angle Imok gets by diving under Hedge then pulling up when they meet.. 


Tunnel Run

  Tunnel Run  16 Kb - Realistic

Planes:  P51

Maneuvers:  Flew through the tunnel in both directions in realistic arena.  The P51 turns a bit slow so notice I have to fly sideways through the smokestacks.


_57_Slide vs SDiver

  _57_Slide vs SDIVER0  120 Kb - Full Realistic

Planes:  P51 vs. Spit 14

Maneuvers:  BnZ.   Sdiver has the opposite problem of coat.. He lost sight of me then failed to pull up when I dove on him.  Notice I dive from about 5000ft away.  Any farther than that and you give the target too much warning.


Split-S Attack

  _57_Slide vs COA  256 Kb - Semi Realistic

Planes:  P51 vs. Spit 14


  You will notice that I start out above Coat on this one.. there is a reason for this..  the Spit turns better and is faster so unless you climb your P51 above opponent you will die.  This gives the spit driver two choices.. fight up high where he is at a disadvantage or enter the fight from below.  If you see enemy above you, then dive for help and climb higher when clear.  In this fight I circle down on opponent (see film on offensive spiral).  I then feint attacks to drain speed from Coat.  Notice that when I attack and he is slow I exit by looping up.  Coat is too slow to follow me so I keep my advantage.  If you wind up below a spit 14 in a p51 you are toast unless you can dive for help.


Split-S Attack

  Split-S Attack  42 Kb - Full Realistic

Planes:  P51 vs. Yak 3


  Coat_of_Arms helped me make some training films for the Article on Split-S Attacks showing what to do if you are chasing a better turning plane and they split-S (loop under) on you.  The first film matches the first diagram in the article, the second film matches the second diagram.    I fire a couple of warning shots when it looks like my nose has pulled ahead of the enemy.  I should point out that Coat_of_Arms is an excellent pilot, and is a great sport helping me make these films.


BnZ Training

  BnZ Training  834 Kb - Full Realistic

Planes:  Spit 9 v. Spit 9


  Coat_of_Arms helped me make some training films on Boom n Zoom (or E-fighting) tactics. This file has three fights, and the last two fights has the films from _both_ our planes so you can see what happened from both planes.

   Fight 1 - COA Comes at me from above and dives down. giving up his altitude advantage in the first pass.  This is the most common mistake when you have an altitude advantage.

   Fight 2 - COA Comes at me from above, swooping back and forth and spiraling down (see film on offensive spiral).  I try to climb to meet him (second most common mistake) and he times it so I am too slow to point my guns at him when he attacks.

  Fight 3 - COA Comes at me from above, but this time I play it smart and climb gradually keeping my speed up. When it looks like I am close I try to shoot him but he flies away.  Realizing I am slow, I dive to pick up speed, and then resume gradual climb.  Since I am fast, I am able to loop up to meet him from 2500 ft below before he realizes I am closing.

   See also:  P51 Strategies, it talks about E fighting.


Ground Attack

  Ground Attack  28 Kb

Planes:   P38J

Maneuvers: Slow to full flap speed, 45 degree dive to destroy building, pull-up. See the article on Ground Attacks

Zaple Tourney Duel 5 - TSC_rlsuth

  _57_Slide vs TSC_rlsuth Tourney Duel #5  354 Kb

Planes:   109 vs Spit 14

Maneuvers: Boom n Zoom. This is our final fight. Warning: 1/2 hour long, use '9' key to fast forward if you need to.

War Week Duels

  War Week Duels  429 Kb - Realistic

Planes:   Spit 14 vs Spit 14, P51

  1st: Leggo_Head, I won and forgot to tape it.
  2nd: Jkl_Mike is in a P51.  I managed to stick on his tail and the rest is easy until I overshoot (don't follow so close !).  He is damaged bad and I lead him into a full speed dive. Pulled out at the last second and let compression take it's toll on his P51.
  3rd: _99_bel out climbs me and pops me from above.
         (AKA "the shortest fight in FA history")
  4th: Dr.6. He got in the arena late, giving me an alt advantage that I quickly blew.  Still managed to get him.
  5th: Jasper__ excellent but long fight. I get damaged bad and lose throttle in first headon, Jasper does the smart thing and BnZ's me. My only hope was to stay low and run him out of fuel (he was down to 9% when he killed me). Started taping after the first headon.

War Week Prelims

  War Week Preliminaries  322 Kb - Realistic

Planes:   Spit 14 vs Everything

Maneuvers:  My qualifying run in prelims.  Room started with 100 people, I turned camera on after my first two kills.  Third kill I set up a bounce from above, fourth and fifth kills I am the one getting bounced. Finished as last plane and tied for most kills.

_57_Slide vs RAF_thejudge

  _57_Slide Vs RAF_thejudge - Tourney Duel #4  339 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs P51

Maneuvers:  Lots of extending and E fighting attempts in the 51 but it is just no match for a spit.

_57_Slide vs _57_Medic

  _57_Slide Vs _57_Medic - Tourney Duel #3  318 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs Spit 14

Maneuvers:  Immelman, turn fights, lots of head on shots. Some good fights in here. I left out two rounds since they were collisions.

_57_Slide vs Zapple

  _57_Slide Vs Zapple - Tourney Duel #2  277 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs Spit 14

Maneuvers:  Immelmans, Split - S, turn fights.   Zapple gets me with a Split-S in fight 3, and uses his speed brake during the following turn fight.

Real Route 66

  Real Route 66 Squad Battle - 57th vs Zone Drones  364 Kb

Planes:   LA7 vs Spit 9 and Hurricane IIC

Maneuvers:  Spins, stalls and more spins.  This was our first team venture into realistic mode on Fighter Ace, and I think we did well even though we lost.  I have a self gratifying screenshot of my single kill too : )

Rolling Scissors

  Rolling Scissors Fight  41 Kb

Planes:   Hurc IIC vs. FW 190?

Maneuvers:  Excellent example of Rolling Scissors.

Rolling Scissors

  Rolling Scissors Fight #2- BBFG_cascabel - 72 Kb


Maneuvers:  Excellent example of Rolling Scissors.

_57_Slide Vs. CAF_Madmanmat

_57_Slide Vs. CAF_Madmanmat - Tourney Duel #1  234 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs Spit 14

Maneuvers:  Immelman, Split-S, Low, High Yo-Yo.  Four fights.  Opponent keeps looping under at beginning and I make a mistake trying to get fancy instead of going for the snap shot in one fight.  Rest are straight forward.

_57_Rebel vs Fly_Flap

_57_Rebel Vs. Fly_Flap  82 Kb

Planes:   Spit vs. BF 109G

Maneuvers:  Fly Flap does a pretty good job of energy fighting but fails to recognize when Rebel gets slow.   Rebel recovers quickly and fills him full of lead.

P51 Energy Fight

P51 Energy Fight  94 Kb

Planes:   P51 vs. BF 109G

Maneuvers:  Excellent example of energy fighting.   Long swooping turns, wings parallel to ground. After a few passes, the enemy runs out of energy.  Once he is low and slow,  blam.

North Afrika

  North Afrika  279 Kb

Planes:   Spit 9 vs. BF 109G

Maneuvers:  One big long turn fight. Outnumbered, my mates are picked off one by one. Eventually I run out of altitude and game over  : (

_57_Slide Vs. Chuckzl

  _57_Slide Vs. Chuckzl  202 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs. Spit 14

Maneuvers:  Defensive Spiral, Immelman, horizontal and vertical loops.  First fight shows why it is important to set your duels on a grid line so the fight starts neutral.  Third fight, I pull up too soon and get Chuck on my 6 and has good example of using a defensive spiral to shake a bogey.

Offensive Spiral

  Offensive Spiral  20 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs. Yak

Maneuvers:  Offensive spiral. This is a short example of how to spiral in on an opponent if you have a big altitude advantage.   This prevents any damage from head-on shots.  Works betters against slower turning planes but as this example shows it can even work against a Yak.

Operation Victory

  Operation Victory  172 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs. Lots of Germans

Maneuvers:  Me going down in ball of fire.   This is me getting killed during Operation Victory.  With 150 people playing I have never had such a sense of being in a real war.   I think this short clip will give you an idea.  I was trying to catch up to our bombers who were in trouble when I ran into a swarm of german fighters. Notice the shot where I look up and see three GE planes immediately above me : )

_57_Slide vs. Mud_Hawg

  _57_ Slide vs. Mud_Hawg  270 Kb

Planes:   P51D vs. Spit 14

Maneuvers:  Immelman,  Extending Dive, vertical scissors, horizontal loops. NOTE - hawg surprised me while I was collecting stats, so you will have to fast forward ( 9 key )  through me turning in circles awhile.

Medic and Zapple

  _57_ Medic trouncing zapple  329 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs. Spit 14

Maneuvers:  Immelman,  vertical loops, vertical scissors, horizontal loops. Excellent example of headon shots after first Immelman.


  _57_Slide defense from below  67 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs. Fw

Maneuvers: Vertical loops.  Good example of defending from below.  Notice that speed is high and I zoom up and around top without pause to keep my airspeed up.

Rebel V Shark

  _57_Rebel Turns Tables on _99_Shark  149 Kb

Planes:   Spit 14 vs. P51D Mustang

Maneuvers: Split-S. Horizontal loops.  Excellent example of what to do with a P51 gaining on your tail, and an excellent turning fight on the deck that proves patience wins out. Note smoothness of the turns and gentle yo-yo's on the deck.

Reap vs Judge

  _57_Reaper Headon vs. RAF 71 Judge  73 Kb

Planes:   Hurricane vs. Spit 14

Maneuvers: Horizontal loops.  Reap suprises Judge with his cannons, who makes the mistake of trying a tight turn fight against a hurc.   Must see for the die hard spit fans.

Xeno Vs. Everyone

  _57_Xeno vs. Everyone  1.23 Mb

Planes:   ?

Maneuvers:  ?   Haven't gone through these yet.














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