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Canucks Overseas ~ Mission 1 Cool Based on the historical events which resulted in the first aerial victory for the Royal Air Force in North Africa.
Canucks Overseas ~ Mission 2 Cool for CFS2. 318 Kb Requires other aircraft and scenery downloads; links are provided. Rick Rutherford ([email protected])
CFS 2 Review My impressions of Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2
CFS Dump/Refuel Guages Some people are using these to dump fuel in online games to make their planes more manouverable.
CFS2 Frame Rate Tweaks Here's a tweaking guide for CFS2. It's comprehensive, well-written, and it works!
CFS2: "Pearl Harbor" addon (25mb) is released. Only, it costs $19.95. Anyway, I suggest you read about it, then decide if it's worth it.
Combat Flight Center Lots of MS Combat Flight Simulator information and downloads. (plane add-ons, missions)
Dawgfewd's CFS2 Fuel Barn Cool Neat site with tricks and tips, missions and planes for CFS 2, including config file settings.
DXTBmp Utility to decompress CFS2 skins for painting
Eurofighter Typhoon for FS2002 The most accurate visual model of the Eurofighter Typhoon for any version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Free Scenery for CFS / CFS2. Lots of scenery downloads.
More Free Scenery for CFS2. Eastern front, ground objects.
Multiswap for CFS2 Allows you more control over multiplayer online missions!
Nibbio's CFS2 Site Cool Great addons.. Roll damage fix, torpedo wakes, fuel ships that leak oil!
No CD Patch for CFS2 put an end to the old "cd-shuffle". click on the link under 16-10-2000
Preview of CFS3 Cool Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3.. late WW2 sim with even better terrain clouds and 3d cockpits!
Screenshots - CFS 2 Exclusive Screen Shots from Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2
simTech Readers should be able to find some interesting CFS addons there, many of which are free for download.
Well's FM V1.7 Latest FM updates for CFS2. Haven't had a chance to test them




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