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Here is what I found out while practicing up my ground attacks for the Fighter Sweep campaign.  I am sure this will apply to other sims as well.

Attacking Buildings, Tanks

     Before you start your attack, throttle all the way back and pull up until you are slow enough to deploy your flaps all the way.   With flaps down, line up your attack at a 45 degree angle and keep your engine at an idle. Start firing when you are in range, pull up and apply full throttle before you dig a trench : )   Pull around as quickly as possible to set up your next attack   If there are enemy fighters close by, do not slow down but take two passes to destroy each target.. Fighter Ace Only - If you see a building with a red flag on top, shoot it until you make a hole in the top of it.  This is worth a lot of points.

bldgattacks.gif (2559 bytes)
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Attacking Trains

     Take out the engine to stop the train, then go after the box cars.  I find it easier to come in at a 45 degree angle from the side and rake my guns along the side of the train (see picture), you can stay nice and fast and it is much easier to avoid colliding with the train.

trainbustings.gif (3202 bytes)
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