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To use these files, you must have Fighter Squadron: SDOE installed.
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Online Play Packs:
Download each pack and install in order for best online compatibility

Official Fighter Squadron 1.5 Patch (600 Kb):

Adrenaline Vault Mirror
Local Mirror (speed throttled at 5Kb/s)

Un-Official Fighter Squadron Patch (7 Mb):

Local Mirror (speed throttled at 5Kb/s)

Base Pack (38 Mb)

Local Mirror (speed throttled at 5Kb/s)

Static Ground Units (11 Mb)

Local Mirror (speed throttled at 5Kb/s)

Allied Legacy Plane Pack 2 (42 Mb)

SreaminDemons.De Mirror 
deec.fe.up.pt Mirror

Axis Legacy Plane Pack 2 (36 Mb)

SreaminDemons.De Mirror

Brit & Commonwealth Legacy Plane Pack 3 (40 Mb)

deec.fe.up.pt Mirror

Ground Pack 3 (26 Mb)


Plane Pack 6.1 and Finn Legacy 2 (36 Mb)

*I highly recommend downloading the version of the Yak 3 farther down this page, the one in the plane pack seems to be a bit buggered up

*I recommend downloading the Spit1a on this page as well, the one in the plane pack seems to have a high stall speed and can't land nose up.

B-Dod Mirror

Hyperlobby (Used for playing Online)

Hyperlobby Website

Nations V3 (10 Mb):


World War 1 Nations (8 Mb):

RLGaming.com Mirror
Wings with Wires Mirror

 World War 1 Plane Pack 3 1024x1024 (107 Mb):

RLGaming.com Mirror
Wings with Wires Mirror

 World War 1 Plane Pack 3 512x512 (100 Mb):

RLGaming.com Mirror
Wings with Wires Mirror

 World War 1 Plane Pack 3 256x256 (93 Mb):

RLGaming.com Mirror
Wings with Wires Mirror

 World War 1 Plane Pack 3 Patch (13 Mb):

Wings with Wires Mirror

 World War 1 Plane packs come with 8 bit textures here are the 16 bit ones:

RLGaming.com Mirror
Wings with Wires Mirror

 Current stringtable.ppf file (unzip this in your fighter squadron media directory after installing any of the packs above):





yak3.jpg (30332 bytes)

Elric's Yak Skin
(135 Kb)

Yak Skin

Yak Fighter Video   
(8.5 mb)
Requires the quicktime player. Some awful singing in the background but three or four solid minutes of russian combat footage. Even shows the guages close up.


 Yak3.zip V3.9 2.8 Mb - NOT COMPATIBLE ONLINE

Installation Instructions: 

  • Install Plane Pack (links above)

  • Install Nations Addon

  • Unzip the Yak-3 zip file to your fighter squadron directory.

You should see training missions for the Yak3 as well as a picture in the hangar.  Give it a fly !  Click HERE for the readme that comes with the Yak-3.

Greg Pringle / Tailslide

Barrage Balloons

  Barrage Balloons  84 Kb

Extract to your fighter squadron directory then try the brit baloons test mission.

realprops.jpg (18232 bytes)


  RealProps V1 5 Kb

Installation Instructions: 
Unzip to your fighter squadron directory.

Greg Pringle / Tailslide

hangars.jpg (21430 bytes)


  GPHangar V4 13 Kb

Installation Instructions: 
Unzip to your fighter squadron directory. You should see a mission available from the test folder called "TS Runway Carnage".  Give it a fly !

Version 4
-Restored "rubble" effect after total destruction
-Replaced 200'x400' 100'x300' 100'x200' 100'x250' and 150'x250' hangars in addition to the current 200'x500' hangar. Now most/all airports will have hangars you can park in.

Greg Pringle / Tailslide


Spitfire Mk1a V1.2

602sq BoB skin

  Spitfire Mk.1a  V1.2 454 Kb

Unzip this file into your Fighter Squadron directory. You should see the Spitfire Mk1a in your mission designer and see training missions for it in the game if it installed correctly. The spitfire 1a will be a good adversary for the 109E they were historically considered a fair match for each other.

The default skin I included is a real paint scheme used by a Canadian squadron that flew spitfires during the war.

Greg Pringle / Tailslide

Version 1.2 features a skin redo and a big FM overhaul with the weight of all parts on the plane set to real world values.

GunJam's Sounds

  GunJam's Sound Pack V1  51 Kb

 This sound add-on gives you thundering cannons and machine guns.  So much joy in such a tiny file.  Make sure to view the GJSoundsReadme.txt file for installation instructions.  This file does not replace any of the sounds in Meatwater's Sound pack .. install both sound packs for best sound.


Joystick Scripts

Sidewinder Precision Pro

  Tailslide's Sidewinder SDOE Configuration 1 kb

Summary:  This is for the Sidewinder Precision Pro USB version, but you can load it into the other types of sidewinder sticks too.


Other Updates (remove before playing online !!):

Tailslide's Stunts V1

  Tailslide's Stunts V1 10 Kb

Summary:  Modified Version of P51 in TSAirfoilsV2 that spits out thick red smoke ! Perfect for aerobatics.


Tracer's P51 Spin Mod

  Tracer's P51 Spin Mod 2 Kb

Summary:  Tracer's done it!!!  The long awaited SDOE spins are here!  Give this a try it's great.  Make sure to remove before playing online or you will get aircraft mismatch errors.



SDOE Terrains

Summary:  Updated List of known mirrors for SDOE Terrains at openplanesim.com



Airfield Maps

  Airfield Maps 462 Kb

Summary:  Maps of all the airfields, useful for figuring out which direction to set a plane to put it on a given runway.

SDOE Beeper

V 1.4

  SDOE Beeper 4 Mb

Summary:  ICQ-Like program that sits in your system tray and flashes/sounds when people are playing SDOE online.  Version 1.4 now works with hyperlobby,

Wing Extractor

  Wing Extractor 259 Kb

Summary:  Etienne Labuschagne's tool lets you change the flying characteristics of the planes in SDOE !  Warning.. it's still pretty rough, and you will need some of the tools from OpenPlane to build the planes.  I have added some documentation and links for the engineering challenged (like me).  Includes Airfoils, Executable and Full C++ Source 

Wing Area Editor

  Wing Area Editor 221 Kb

Summary:  Etienne Labuschagne's tool lets you change the wing areas of the planes in SDOE.  His updated planes with realistic wing areas were done using this technique. 

Hippie's Extractor

  Utility for extracting planes into source code and building them again.. can someone send me a current link for this?


We want your missions! Click here to submit your mission.

Mission Pack


Planes:   Spit V, Lancaster, FW190A4

Summary:  A high altitude bombing strike with Lancasters climbing to bombing altitude behind coastal defenses.

Mission Pack

  Mission PackV0.99 Beta  238 Kb  MULTIPLAYER

Planes:   Plane Pack 5.2 or higher required

Summary:  Spin has collected a good selection of online missions into a single file for our convenience. Unzip into your Fighter Squadron\media directory.


  Ambush  2 Kb  SINGLE PLAYER

Planes:   B17, Mosquito, Me262, FW190

Summary:  This mission is great fun flying for Germany. Take a me262 and wreak havoc with your rockets on the bombers waiting to take off. Try to finish off as many as you can before they destroy your base!




"Unternehmen Barbarossa" Campaign for SDOE
Desert Fox Campaign Cool For SDOE. Includes new paint schemes, planes and ground objects !
Download Missions and Planes Required for Online Play
F-86F v1.1 for SDOE F-86F Sabre Jet for SDOE. Model by Zur and improvements by mace.
Harman Motor Works Cool Very cool ground vehicles for SDOE..
Korea Pack for SDOE Sabre vs Mig fights !
Nations v3.5 for SDOE Cool Adds many new countries and radio calls to SDOE.
Screen Shots of my favourite SDOE multiplayer missions
SDOE Beeper V1.4 Added to SDOE downloads section. Lets you know when players are playing in hyperlobby
SDOE Downloads list Forum that holds download announcements and links.
SDOE Patch v1.6.0.6 Cool This Patch updates the game to the latest version. This will also install the shortcuts you will want to use to play the sim.
Sidewinder Setup for SDOE
Sound Pack for P80 Jet Replacement Sounds for P80 jet in SDOE.
Static Ground Unit Pack v4.0 Cool Required Core File - Adds more Ground Units to the sim.
Wings Over Water Cool A SDOE site with many add-ons including helos, sea aircraft and jets!
WW1 in SDOE Cool Argon's great downloads page for all your world war 1 needs in fighter squadron : screamin demons over europe.










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