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Battlefield 2 Playable Demo Cool Playable online multiplayer !
Comanche 4 Demo 60.1mb Novalogic has just posted a new, updated and bigger demo.
Comanche Hokum Helicopter Sim Demo
Direct 3d Flight Simulator Check out this in-depth web site.
European Air War Demo 22Mb
Fighter Ace III A new, smaller demo is released (34mb).
Flight Gear 3Mb + Scenery, Open Source Flight Simulator for Linux and Windows. -FULL VERSION FREE- -3d card support-
GL Horizon v2.0: This free, jet combat simulator is now reasonably bug-free and ready for download. Note that it will run only on Windows 2000/XP systems.
GlHorizon Flight Sim New jet combat flight sim (free!) in development. Planes beeing F-15, Mirage, Sukhoi, Boeing xb32, F-22 Raptor, F-117, etc.etc.
IL-2 Sturmovik New demo v2.0 is out.
JetFighter V: Demo 128mb just released.
Operation Flashpoint Here's a new demo for a combat game/sim. From the pictures one of the options is flying a plane or helicopter
Pacific Warriors II Demo A new, budget priced sim. Info and demo 93mb
Pearl Harbor - Strike at Dawn Here's a new combat flightsim, there's even a demo (both in German and English languages).
PRE-Flight V1.95 A new, free RC Sim, with lots and lots of planes. Try it!
RC DareDevil Now, here's some "fly for fun": RC DareDevil. Probably not a simulator in the real sense, but anyway.....it's planes!
Red Ace New Demo
Virtual Wings Pro Free Demo
X-Plane Demo, stops using joystick after 5 minutes
X-Plane Demo X-Plane: New, updated demo V6.5 127mb released.
Xtreme Air Racing Demo




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