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Like those annoying people that make you watch home movies of their kids but these home movies should be a little more interesting.. 

Click HERE for Nanton Air Museum Pics

Click HERE for Reynolds Museum Pics

Click HERE for F86 Sabre Photos and Videos

Click HERE for Edmonton Air Museum Pics

Click HERE for Crankshaft's Model and Airshow Pics


Air Combat USA

I took some air combat flights (www.aircombat.com) and here are some pictures and video.  You'll hear Gomer, an ex-tomcat pilot coaching me as I fight another retired military pilot. This is great fun, I recommend it to anyone.  

   View a video of this fight  7.5 Megs - View with the latest Microsoft Windows media player


Pre-flight check.  This was in the middle of a record heat wave so I am getting pretty toasty sitting with my parachute on in the blinding sun. Good thing the helmets have sun visors.

Someone asked for a pic of Fighter Ace running on a big screen.  The controllers are a WCS2, X-Fighter and CH Pro pedals.


  Yak Fighter Video   8.5 mb, Black and White

Requires the quicktime player. Some awful singing in the background but three or four solid minutes of russian combat footage. Even shows the guages close up.



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