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If your friends come over and laugh their asses off at your hardware, you know you have become a hard core sim pilot.
    -- Lt. (jg) Tailslide, Aug 20th, 1998

Excerpt from My Wife Won't Let Me Buy a Thunderseat by Tailslide


Here is a summary of the best controllers and hardware available for the die hard sim pilot.  I have omitted "budget" controllers, and controllers that are not sturdy or programmable. Since Thrustmaster was sold off to Guillemont it's been difficult to obtain their high end sticks. There is a new digital Thrustmaster stick in the works so patience will pay off. 

A Large Collection of thrustmaster files is at Snajper's Inn


Master Pilot

  • Affordable add-on that you can use to program all your keyboard commands and label them via a slip-in card.
  • Some hobbyists are attaching backlighting to these units and slipping in a transparent card to get a true HUD effect.

A guy who converted the normal cartridges to programmable:






chtl1.gif (3770 bytes)
CH Pro Throttle
  • Programmable (up to 400 macros)
  • Less expensive than Thrustmaster offerings.
  • Does not "pivot" but slides straight back/forward.
  • VERY sturdy




janest2.jpg (3965 bytes)
CH Jane's Combat Stick
  • Programmable by itself or with Pro Throttle.
  • Less expensive than Thrustmaster offerings.
  • VERY sturdy




Top Gun
Top Gun
  • Same grip and button layout as the FCS, works great with programmable throttles.
  • I can not reccomend this joystick because even though it _looks_ like the FCS Pro, it has a plastic construction on the inside. It broke in two within three weeks of heavy use.




f22btn.gif (1436 bytes)
F22 Pro cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Simply the ultimate flight controller
  • Made by Thrustmaster, so incredible support.
  • Hats and Switches are keyboard programmable.
  • Known to have a problem with it's pots so you will likely have to open it up and spray WD40 or replace the pots if you buy a new one.




pfcsbtn.gif (1496 bytes)
Pro FCS cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • This one sat on my desk for six years until I finally wore the buttons out. Very durable.
  • Made by Thrustmaster.
  • Programmable if you have a WCS II throttle
  • Stiff springs. Good if you fly W.W.II sims and want the feel of really having to pull outta those dives.




WCS II Throttlecool.gif (111 bytes)
  • This one sits on my desk. Very nice.
  • The WCS II Throttle from Thrustmaster appears to no longer be produced.
  • This is a throttle that can be programmed to generate key presses.




tqsbtn.gif (1353 bytes)
TQS Throttle cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • This requires the F22 Pro or F16 FLCS joystick from Thrustmaster.
  • The Ultimate Throttle
  • Made by Thrustmaster.
  • Cursor Control
  • Two Programmable Dials
  • Tons of buttons and switches




rcsbtn.gif (1080 bytes)
Elite RCS Rudder Pedals
  • The most realistic rudder pedals available.
  • Made by Thrustmaster.




chrp2.gif (3622 bytes)
CH Pro Pedals
  • This one sits under my desk.
  • Act as either rudder pedals or gas/brake
  • Incredibly Durable
  • Less Expensive than the RCS pedals
  • The up/down car motion is a little distracting when you're pushing them forward and back as rudders.




dcu.gif (13337 bytes)
Thunderseat DCU
  • Over 100 working switches and buttons!
  • Almost affordable ($995)
  • Please let me know if you have one!
    Possibly out of business? 




fresnel.jpg (2275 bytes)
Thunderseat Fresnel Lense

Universal 3d Lense

  • Makes your 15" monitor a 21"
  • Better 3d effects supposedly
  • Affordable ($299)
  • Make sure to get a high qualtiy lense or you will experience eye-strain.
  • Please let me know if you have one!
    Possibly out of business? 




thun-sm.gif (4298 bytes)
The Thunderseat
  • Built in Subwoofer rumbles and thuds the seat to make you feel like you're there.
  • Mounting available for your throttle, keyboard and joystick.
    Possibly out of business? Check here for similar products:
    This company makes a similar vibrating seat:  http://www.imeron.com/
    But it doesnt have the mounts for joystick and throttle






Voice Comms

Roger Wilco 

  • Lets you communicate with your team mates while flying.
  • Make sure to get a headset with microphone
  • Check the Mic Gain box in your windows volume settings














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