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"This is it!" Story of a B17 crew.
13th Bomb Squadron Association The definitive B-26 site, LOTS of content, history
A Hero for all Seasons A story from WW2 about Marion E. Carl. Good story.
A look at the Messerschmitt Bf-109
A1 SkyRaider Association Lots of photos of the A1 that are not available anywhere else.
Aces High Aviation Photography
Adolf Galland (1912 - 1996)
Air Vectors Cool Great online encyclopedia reference site
Aircraft 3-Views Site is in Russian.
Airshow video Includes P38 doing rolls at an airshow
Aviation Heroes: The Tuskegee Airmen Cool The story of the first group of African American pilots to serve in combat
Aviation History Cool Flight-History is dedicated to capturing aviation history. The archives feature a growing collection of photographs, stories and aircraft specifications.
B-26 Marauder A story about the plane
B17-2 Screenshots Posted a couple crankshaft sent me
Battle Damaged B17 pictures
Battle of Britain History Site Cool Very extensive photos, daily reports, information on the battle of britain.
Black Cross Red Star Book on the WW2 eastern front Air War
Book: Fighter Cool I've been reading this excellent history on the battle of britain, covers every aspect and there is a new hardcover reprint available really cheap!
Canada's National Aviation Museum
Canadian Air Force Cool
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Crankshaft's Photos Updated cranky's photo collection.. cool pics !
Crankshaft's Photos Models, airshow pictures
Crash grounds Marines Osprey Crash grounds Marines Osprey plane-copter hybrid
Crash of WWII-era airplane Pilot killed in crash of WWII-era airplane
Crash Videos Archive Real streaming video of plane crashes.
Douglar Bader Bio The history of Canadian RAF pilot Douglas Bader, you know the fighter ace who lost both his legs only to continue flying
Eagle Editions Ltd.
Earthstation1: The WWII Sounds & Picture
Eight months after WWII parade Eight months after WWII parade, D-Day Museum pays tribute to black vets
Fighter planes Cool Stats and pictures on every plane from 1930 to present. Organized according to year. Even VRML models of some planes !
Focke-Wulf ( Kurt Tank ) Ta 152 In-depth, very interesting info about the relatively little known, but extremely potent TA 152.
Fokker-Team-Schorndorf Here's some really nice reading for the historically and technically interested person. Covers German planes until the 1920's
Germany marks 50th anniversary of return Germany marks 50th anniversary of return of North Sea island devastated in World War II
Gunther Rall Remembers Here's Günther Rall's story from WW2. One of the greatest aces ever, with 275 victories (!). In his later days he continued in the after-war with jets.
Gustin's Military Aircraft Database Cool Excellent Java chart comparing the abilities of various fighter planes.
Hawker Hurricane Page Cool Excellent site with lots of detailed picture and information on the plane.
HISTORICA World War II Aviation History Research for a fee they can research questions about ww2 aviation.
History of Mossie as U-Boat Hunter, Stat
Imperial Japanese Navy Everything you ever wanted to know about the WW2 era IJN.
Inside the P51b Mustang Detailed internal look at the plane.
Intertran Automatic translator that handles Russian.
Interview with Bob Goebel Fighter Ace website has posted and Interview with a P51 Ace, Bob Goebel..
Interview with Bob Goebel Exerpts from an online chat with Bob Goebel ("FlyingDutchman"), some of it is interesting, I think.
Interview with p51 Ace Part III of the interview (and pictures) with P51 triple ace Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson.
Interview with triple ace Bud Anderson Cool Here's part II of an interview with US triple ace Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson. Part I appeared on same site (under "News"), and part III coming soon.
J-aircraft.com Japanese ship and aircraft modeller's site.. good background information on Japanese aircraft.
Jet Genesis: The me262 Movies/Stats/exposed diagram
Johnnie Johnson Dead Johnnie Johnson, World War II fighter ace, dead at 85
Kiwi Aircraft Images Lots of good very detailed pics of plane components
Luc's Photo Hangar
Luft 46 Information, pictures of planes that were in development by Germany at the end of the war.
Luftwaffe Archiv The Luftwaffe Archiv of the most famous planes and all their variants from WW2. I really can recommend it.
Luftwaffe Database Index
Maj Gen. Levi R. Chase Memorial Cool The story of the leading USAAF ace in North Africa during WWII. Lots of pictures and combat stories.
Man gets Distinguished Flying Cross Pampa, Texas, man gets Distinguished Flying Cross won during World War II
ME BF109 Cool ME BF109: A whole website for this airplane, covering most everything. Exellent stuff.
Me262 the Australian Connection Photographs of me262 restorations
Messerschmitt262.net A collection of links on the me262
Mosquito Specs for Air Warrior
Mosquito Stats and Pics
Mosquito Stats, Pics, History
Mosquito Variants
Mossie.Org Cool Everything you wanted to know about the wooden WW2 british fighter-bomber the "Mosquito"
Nanton Air Museum Photographs of their lancaster inside and out.
Navy wants mechanic to return Corsair Cralley's plane is the only model of a particular Corsair fighter known to exist.
New Zealand Fighter Pilot's Museum Cool Beautiful pictures of restored aircraft, photos of Russian fighters.
Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum
P-40 Website Everything you ever wanted to know about the P40. Interviews, pictures, variants, history, recovery efforts.
P38 Site Excellent site with p38 information Scale plans, interviews with aces.
PBY History site Cool Excellent site, walkaround videos, photos, records listings.
Pearl Harbour Movie Trailers Some files quite large, up to 20 mb
Planes and Pilots of WW2 Cool Articles on air combat history rich with pictures.
Polikarpov I-16 To participate (one of just 6 still flying) at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2003.
Preview of CFS3 Cool Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3.. late WW2 sim with even better terrain clouds and 3d cockpits!
Reynolds Museum Photos A few pics I took, good shot of a restored hurricane.
Robins Museum of Aviation
Second World War Books
Sheppard AFB instructor safe at home Sheppard AFB instructor safe at home following fatal crash of World War II era aircraft
Sounds and Pictures Page
Soviet Women In the Great War Meet the female pilots who ruled the sky in their Yak's
Spitfire Museum Museum dedicated to the spitfires and hurricanes
Stormbirds : The me262 Has lots of paint schemes, detailed info about cockpit controls and their funciton, information on german text books that are hard to find.
Stuka Documentary If you get the history channel: Scorched Earth - The Stuka -- Terror of the Blitzkrieg Airing: Thu 10/5/00 11:00pm Sun 10/8/00 10:00am
Targetware Target Korea looking for beta testers
The Belgian Alpha Jets' Homepage ... it is not only regarding the book "20 years of Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air force" but also a site dedicated to the men who fly this fine aircraft.
The Great Planes Site Slow loading, but has some great technical information and pictures.
The Secret History of WW2 The Boston Globe Begins The Secret History of World War II; First Installment of Series This Sunday
The WWII Fighter Gun Debate Excellent article with lots of information about the guns used in WW2 aircraft during the war.
Totvia Image Archives Cool
VR Flightdeck views 360 degree panning view of flightdecks from planes, including the b-17
War Book Samples Free downloads of excerpts from books.
Warhawk_4's Warbird Archive
Wing's Palette Cool Camouflage profiles archive - pictures of just about every paint scheme you can think of
World War II Pilots Not so much there for the time beeing, but I guess the weeks and months to come will show us something of interest?
WW II ACE STORIES Accounts of real WW2 aces
WW II Aircraft - Russia List of aircraft operated by Russia during the war, including captured and lend-lease planes.
WW2 Pictures Crankshaft's Models, flight sims, air museum pictures
WW2 Pilots Website Association for real WW2 Pilots. Great pictures and Bio's of alot of pilots !
WW2 Plane Detailed Drawings Cool Very handy if you're doing modelling or making addon planes for flight sims.
WW2 Planes to Fly Again Interesting: In München, Germany, they're building a new FW190 from scratch! And, guess what, they have 12 planes in production. Sporty.
WWII Come To Life at Reading Airfield WWII Come To Lice at Reading Airfield
WWII Poster Collection
WWW.AVIATION.RU WEALTH of information on Russian aircraft. Some articles in English, some in Russian.










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