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Training - Dogfight F22

  Training Dogfight 1 on 1 vs. F22 Guns Only  38 Kb

Planes:   F22 vs. F22

Manouvers:  The computer player is excellent at low speed fights using thrust vectoring.  This film gives an example of using speed to zoom around him until you are positioned above and behind him. Once there, you have to be very careful to keep your distance or he will flip around with his thrusters and nail you.

Dogfight Training 1 vs 2 F22s

  Training Dogfight 1 vs. 2 F22 Guns Only   57 Kb

Planes:   F22 vs. 2 x F22

Manouvers:  Luckily I was able to get some rounds into the first plane and run from the second before they could double team me.  After the first crashes, I extend away and come back.  For some reason the computer is pretty twitchy on the stick so you can extend away even though you are flying the same plane.  If you have a better way to complete this mission send me your film.

Training Dogfight F22 vs 2 migs

  Training Dogfight 1 vs. 2 Migs Guns Only  101 Kb

Planes:   F22 vs 2 Migs

Manouvers:  Used thrust vectoring to get some snap shots into the migs while circling.

Training Dogfight 2 vs 2 Ef2ks

  Training Dogfight 2 vs 2 Eurofighters  70 Kb

Planes:   2 x F22 vs 2 x Eurofighters

Manouvers:  Had my wingman bracket right while I bracketed left.  The bogeys follow me, so I order him to attack.  He is too slow to catch them, so I double back and we each take care of one.  A better way to handle it would have been for me to order him to bracket them again while I dragged them towards him.

Training Fight Four vs Four Guns Only

  Training Dogfight 4 vs 4 Migs  64 Kb

Planes:   4 x F22 vs 4 x Migs

Manouvers:  Big old furball

Training Dogfight 4 vs 4 Eurofighters

  Training Dogfight 4 vs 4 Eurofighters  70 Kb

Planes:   4 x F22 vs 4 x Eurofighters

Manouvers:  Wow those eurofighters can turn.  I pick off one right away, but another is on my tail.  This shows why it is important to keep track of who gets downed.  Since I know 2 enemy are down, I run my attacker in circles until my wingmen can finish double teaming the third and come help me.



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