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Jane's FA 18


Excellent graphics, not as much campaign depth as Falcon 4.

Mig Alley

V1.23 Patch


So-so graphics but good dynamic campaign and AI.  Excellent radio chatter.  Make sure to get the patch, I couldn't get it to run more than a couple minutes before crashing without the patch.

Flanker 2.0

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Click here for free downloads of new Flanker cockpits.

Flanker 2.5 patch is in development, screen shots at www.flanker2.com, proposed List of New Features:
  • Ability to fly the Mig-29K (navalized version).

  • Ability to give naval units waypoints.

  • Ability for naval units to engage one another.

  • Option to include MERs (Multiple Ejector Racks) and TERs (Triple Ejector Racks) in the loadouts.

  • Air to Air Refueling

  • An expanded loadout selection.

  • Ground Alert Intercept missions will no longer restrict runway usage.

  • An improved view system including: a weapon to target view, a new dogfight view, and a padlock from tower view.

  • Additional commands to slide the camera right and left and reverse cycle views.

  • A scalable map ruler.

  • Improved multiplayer chat.

  • Option to have Nagging Nadia in Russian.

  • Additional new scenarios and a new campaign.

  • Options for adjustable missile effectiveness

  • Improved wingman communication and responses.


Company Line:
  • New 3D graphics engine using full texture-mapped terrain.
  • New Aircraft: Su-33 Naval carrier-based Flanker.
  • New 3D sound system with shift and Doppler effects.
  • Interactive training modules - complete with an in-cockpit instructor.
  • Detailed 3D ships, aircraft and ground vehicles.
  • Mission editor allows the user to create a realistic theater of operation.
  • Campaign mission module includes resource management, realistic enemy engagement and save now/play later mission save system.
  • Multiplayersupport: 16 player network play via LAN, or 2 player head-to-head play over the internet.
sabres.jpg (1805 bytes)
Sabre Fighter Plane Simulator


Sabre Fighter Plane Simulator is a freeware product under the GNU Public License, developed as a labor of love by flight-simulation enthusiasts. For now, the focus is on Korean War-era fighter aircraft, such as the classic North American F-86 SabreJet, which dueled with the nimble MiG-15 over the skies of Korea. Also featured are the F-84 ThunderJet, the F-51 Mustang and the Yak-9.
F16 Multirole fightera_mig_grad.jpg (10460 bytes)
F16 Multi-Role
Fighter & Mig29

Download Demo

Happy Puppy
  • This could be the sleeper of the holidays, usually sold bundled together
  • Unfortunately, only supports voodoo 3dfx cards.
  • Play 128 player games on the internet, totally free
  • Both games fly in the same universe, so you can have F16 vs Mig29 battles.
  • Did I mention it only supports 3dfx? Hmm. Maybe my TNT card will get an add-on
Falcon 4
Falcon 4

Download Patch
(do this if you have F4 !)

Falcon 4 patch V1.08 is out.  The development team has been laid off by Hasbro!   What did they do with their final days at work?  They managed to cram in a new patch V1.08i that fixes almost all of the multiplayer crashes !  You need to install the 1.08 patch then copy the executable from 1.08i into your falcon directory.

Falcon 4 Patch 1.08i2 is out.. this is an unsupported patch that fixes some crashes and improves network play.

FNG's Falcon 4 Site has a Falcon 4 settings editor and he is working on new terrains.

  • Plagued by a raft of bugs, Microprose promises at least four patches to bring this game up to snuff. It's getting there..
  • Many of the sounds that you hear have been digitized from the real F-16, from the button clicks to the whine of the engines
  • Dynamic campaigns, the whole war is simulated
  • Falcon 4.0 also is designed to allow players to jump into and out of the game. This will enable the game to eventually host players 24 hours a day. One of the areas which the team is working on is the creation of servers to support larger scale multiplayer campaigns over the Internet.
Total Air War
Total Air War

Screen Shots


Game Over
Splash 1

ACMI Films
  • DID does it again with this sequel to F22-ADF.
  • Dynamic campaigns, the whole war is simulated
  • Pilot AI is pretty impressive!
  • Be a Tactical Mission Planner, Weapons Officer, AWACS Commander or Combat Pilot.
  • A suite of sound effects including an AWACS vocabulary of over 10,000 words.
  • 336 Page Spiral bound combat manual by Colonel Rich Reynolds, ex NATO Air War Planner and AWACS specialist.
  • ACMI allows the player to record and review a flight from any angle. This is hugely important in improving your skills, now you can see why you were shot down !
  • The dynamic campaign does not have bases that get taken over like Ef 2000 did.
  • Some graphics glitches on my system, maybe they do not show up if you are running 3dfx instead of Direct X.
ef2k3.jpg (3258 bytes)
EF2000 V.2
  • Limited 3d card support
  • Great realism and graphics.
  • Simulates an entire war, and you can choose which mission in the war to fly.
  • Design your own missions
  • Highly Reccomended, but check out Total Air War as well, it is much newer and based on the same software.
pack(1).jpg (3270 bytes)
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  • Do not buy this game, buy Total Air War instead. It is a newer version of the same thing with a dynamic campaign to boot.
F22 Raptor
F22 Raptor
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  • Incredible multiplayer internet support - 128 players online at the same time!
  • State of the art graphics
f15_box.jpg (2507 bytes)
Jane's F15

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  • Top Notch Graphics, explosions, fires
  • Most realistic jet sim available.
  • Very good flight model
  • Lots of wingmen commands
  • User createable missions you can download and share. You can even insert audio clips for radio communications.
  • Complicated.  If you want to fire up the computer and shoot things this is not for you.
  • Resolution limited to 640 x 480










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