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 World War II: Breaking Out from Normandy  July 25-31, 1944 - Allied forces conduct Operation Cobra (right) in an attempt to breakout of Normandy.  Landing in Normandy on D-Day, Allied forces quickly became bogged down as they...
 World War II: U-boats Retreat  July 19, 1942 - German U-boats withdraw from the US coast during the Battle of the Atlantic as the US Navy implements a convoy system.  Entering World War II following...
 World War II: Talks at Potsdam  July 17, 1945 - Allied leaders meet at the Potsdam Conference (right).  At the February 1945 Yalta Conference, the Allied leaders agreed to meet again following the defeat of Germany. ...
 World War II: Trinity Test Successful  July 16, 1945 - The Trinity Test (right) is successful as the Manhattan Project moves forward.  The US quest for nuclear weapons began in 1939 with President Franklin Roosevelt receiving the...




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